Friday, February 10, 2012

on missing someone

I wanna write "I miss you" on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.

True Story.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


ada kawan berpesan, bila dihadapkan dengan masalah, sentiasalah ikut kata akal bukan kata hati. dan saya berpegang kepada prinsip tersebut. sebab saya percaya kita kena kuat bukan lemah.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

if i have a daughter i'm gonna call her Zara

we had a conversation back from Tambunan about what we should name our kids. it was a bit weird because none of us are married....or about to get married.

but as the list goes on... from haziq to daniel to adam to natalia to nathaniel to hazel... we also come across funny names.

like this one guest from my friend's workplace. the guy name is Bukit Harapan. err, i dont mean to be rude, but, LMFAO!!!! and by that name what should the nick be? Bukit? Harap? Rapan? LOL i cannot help myself...

last time at my old workplace when we got some free time, we would browse to the directory just to scan people with funny names! haha.. like this guy, his name is XXXX bin Setan.. their friends would hilariously called him Anak Setan. how awful.

i cannot imagine these people (with funny names) are like during their childhood. must be hard eh??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

how to ditch your boyfriend

ditulis dalam broken english.

this not apply for all situation. just a specific one, like this:

so you figured out that your bf is a scumbag and is playing behind you.or maybe your bf did not treat you right, never return your calls or sms, and once in a blue moon suddenly asked you out. and after the date he disappeared. and reappear again, suddenly!

you are jaded. you wanna out of this relationship but when you dump him (with or without warning), the once in a blue moon guy appear and it melts you down. but seriously, you are fed up! although you know that maybe you still have feelings... but this situation is getting you crazier (every day!). you realized you cannot change him to make him treat you better. and you just, wanna, out of this relationship.

if you ever try to dump him with or without knowledge,surprise surprise, he came back to you! and things repeat itself again. date, laugh, and he drop you at your home and then pffff! silence! only call when he feels like to and that is : once a month. or if he is in a good mood probably once in 2 weeks.

that's a torture. especially when you are living at the same city and your workplace is only 5 mins away..driving.

so how? here's the way :

make him feel jaded too. sms him many many times. call him many many times. do not curse. but plead. beg. pour all your emotional feelings out. make him CRAZY.

he will get bored and trust me, he'll launched the handicap war. you know, the silent mode.

and then for some weird reasons he may contact you again. if he does, you know it is just because of his guilty pleasure.... you already talked to him not to bother you anymore but when he still do. please repeat:

sms, sms, sms..... and give him looooooong messages. get angry, emotional, stress, make he feels guilty and remorse for calling you back.

trust me.

IT WORKS. he'll never try to contact you again.

and.... you may live happily ever after without him. more peaceful.

loneliness is just a matter of time. you'll find someone better.

a guy like that, it's not worth it. very selfish. and indecisive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

what's troubling me... some changes in the management...

i have just received the news from joj. our company may be (or WILL be) taken over by a super giant company. is it good, or is it good... ?

on the positive side this could be a very good opportunity. based from the company profile, it have huge security, lots to learn, banyak cabang.... dsb...


i kinda have a "thing" w big companies. i hate policies and procedures, the way their system runs, audits (fuckin lots of audits u know), and of course, office politics! and protocols! and.... *sigh* i can go on and on w this thing...

i am sooooo gonna miss my life right now. and of course our beloved MD. he is a good man, never been pushy but at the same time u have full respect of him. tolerable. and this life right now, is totally a LIFE. because it balance out Life + Work.

now I have a glimpse of my past during the day I worked at THE factory. damn damn damn. pakai uniform, ada punch card, meeting setiap pagi, rest time limited dan paling ngeri hari-hari balik lambat... :( ... urgh! semak otak saya... !

well if the management is going to change, i pray that it is not going to be nightmare. please. not even close to nightmare.

but let's hope. and pray. that. the management. will. remain. status quo.

never underestimate the power of a prayer. ameen

Thursday, December 15, 2011


sejak kerja di company jepun dekat setahun, (setahun jak punnn) my written and spoken english agak tunggang langgang. grammer ntah apa2. suda la aku grammer nie mimang ndak berapa. tp klaw setakat mo ispiking-ispiking tue... bole la mo tembirang sikit2...

tp inglis jipun ni slamba dia jak. ndak payah pikir. ko translate ja bulat2 bahasa melayu tu pigi english. few examples:

a. "linda-san where? down ka?" linda ko di mana, di bawah ka?
b. "give me..... eat" *sambil buat2 signal mengunyah* bagi saya makanan
c. "lida-san no tell" linda tidak kasi taw saya
d. ayat dalam email ..." i thinking ne, machine down" pada pendapat saya, mesin harus dibaiki..

ko tinguk tu, manala mo pakai english susa2.ayat simple2 cukup. advantage dia ko nda payah ambil masa yang lama untuk mengarang. time aku deal dengan customer pun lebih kurang, cuma ndak la sesimple (read:dasyat) mcm ayat jipun ckp english.... asal faham dan kemas...

sekarang masuk company baru, banyak deal dengan kementerian2, gov entities, dll.. yang harus menggunakan bukan sahaja proper english, malah ayat-ayat rasmi berbau skema. saya klaw karang-karang surat/mail/report tahap mo masuk kementerian nie memang begagar lutut jga la... bukan takut, tp mo polish itu ayat supaya nampak ala-ala professional tu ba... alalala.... agak mencabar for me la...

tapi benda nie boleh di polish bah kan?

i need at least to start somewhere.... but definitely not here. heh.

sementara menunggu waktu balik....

i am bored, i have nothing better to do, my ongoing works are pending because waiting for EPC to be finalized, my office are in huru-hara condition because we are supposedly going to move to new office, my boss not around,holiday mood is here (christmassss and a hepy nu yr!) i have internet connection.... ok, ok, the bottom line is i am "stealing some bones"....

some rambling thoughts....

1. my life has changed back from senawang. a lot more HAPPIER, and promising future, insyaAllah.

2. meeting sucks and always will.

3. boyfriends, boyfriends.... screw them! i need a husband! LOL

4. tummy? yeah since 2001. dan makin bertambah...!

5. freaking blackheads. cosmetic doesnt help much. why why why? so many laaaaa

6. true harmony beauty saloon sucks. they suck your money only. product good, i like. but once u sign up the package, they dont care about their service. pluck pluck pluck only. and then kasar-kasar. buduh!

7. saya belum gaji. hmmmm sabarrrrrrrrrr

8. company have cuti for 1 week or 2. not sure yet. but i hope 2 weeks. for xmas n nu year.

9. my sweet baby pajero rosak lagi. have plans to changed to old merc. 2.4 pun 2.4 la, asal nda kuat rosak. whats the diff? pajero also 2.5.

10. one of my BFFs actually give me KPI for next year: 0 accidents. yay!

11. another BFFs just turned 27 yesterday.

12. me n my BFFs (lagi2 BFF, ko igt ko paris hilton?? --->berkata kepada diri sendiri) are planning going to labuan sometime next month.

13. i plan to buy Dior perfume, mademoiselle. oh sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

14. but my last year perfume also belum habis, how?

15. screw it. buy dior. last time perfume murah. hahahah

16. eh mau pukul lima suda? yeayyyyyy jum balik!!